Electrical Consulting

Professional Consultant for Houston Businesses

At Southern, the principal has over 40 years of electrical construction and facility design and installation experience to help you achieve the goals of efficient and safe design while meeting budget constraints. We offer electrical installation preliminary budgets and breakouts, load analysis, and one-lines, and liaise with utilities to assist in achieving your goals. All you have to do is allow us to get the obstacles out of the way, and prep your project for bids. We will even bid your project if requested.

We fill the gap that exists for customers that have not or are not yet ready to seek out an engineer, yet want advice and consent on the actual issues facing an electrical construction or installation project in a manufacturing or processing facility environment. Even those that have hired an engineer find added value in using Southern Electrical Services Consulting. We know construction in real time and in real life, not just on paper. Items of significant cost can be evaluated and solved before the construction starts. Saving money and solving the problem, before it becomes an issue.

For more information, or to discuss your electrical project, call us at 713-660-7344. You can also send us a message by completing our online contact form.