Office Electric Wiring Solutions
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Office Electric Wiring Solutions

Houston Office Wiring

Professional office electric wiring is essential, due to the fact that the daily operations of many businesses relies heavily on communications and information systems. Therefore business communication, data and power systems must be extremely reliable to meet the expectations and needs of customers. Because of our expertise and years of experience, we are the electrician Houston trusts for seamless office wiring.

Office Electric Services by Skilled Contractors

We offer a full range of office and electric wiring solutions, including telephone and data networking, illumination systems and more. In addition, our skilled contractors also install intercom and paging systems, audio and video equipment, surveillance and security systems, and fire alarms. Our electricians ensure a strong foundation for powerful systems and networks.

Electric Rewiring Solutions

Since older office buildings that are not equipped to handle the power and connectivity needs of today, they often require new electric wiring. Main panel upgrades are often the solution for improving energy efficiency and performance. Office rewiring improves the efficiency of energy distribution for many businesses. Our licensed contractors complete all types of office projects flawlessly and on time.

Equipment and Network Upgrades

Equipment and network upgrades for keeping up with advances in technology are essential for most businesses. Our electric contractors wire and install the latest equipment for many offices in the area. Additionally, we assist businesses with wireless network installation and WLAN networking setup. Our clients rely on us when they need a professional to upgrade their networks and install new equipment. We ensure flawless transitions to new networks and equipment for offices of all sizes.

Desk Power and Data Systems

Our technicians implement total solutions for desk power and data systems. We install everything from server and data center solutions, to cubicle and workstation drops. In addition, we provide electric contractors for low voltage cabling, and CAT6 Voice/Data workstation drops that are VoIP/PoE compatible. You can count on our skilled Houston electrical contractors for all types of desk power and data socket solutions, such as desktop, in desk, and under desk units and modules.

Structured Cabling

Structured cabling combines your telephone, data, video, security and audio systems electric wiring into a single distribution network, while signals for your electronics are sent through a structured networking distribution panel via direct cable lines. Consequently, direct lines provide the strongest connection available to all of your equipment. Our electric contractors install pre-configured and custom distribution panels for structured cabling system solutions.

Our qualified electricians in Houston handle a full range of office electric wiring needs. Working on your timeline, we’ll complete your project at the price that we quote you. To discuss your office electric project, call us today at 713-660-7344.