Power and Lighting Design
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Power and Lighting Design

Houston Lighting Design Services

Our Houston electricians work on lighting design projects for many different types of businesses. Our contractors provide comprehensive solutions for power and lights. Our electricians also work on improvements to existing lighting systems with retrofits. Whether your project is simple or complex, our highly qualified technicians will exceed your expectations.

Complete Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions

commercial lighting designCreating impressive and original designs, we also offer energy efficient solutions for all types of businesses. Before developing the designs for your property, our electricians perform a daytime light and energy analysis to determine the brightness level needed for your facility. Using precise calculations and innovative techniques, our lighting solutions are practical and cost-effective.

Our contractors install energy efficient lamps and control systems to help you reduce energy usage and maintenance costs. Our electricians install the most cost-effective components available. From planning, budgeting and product selection, to installation and testing, our technicians handle all of the phases of your project.

Lighting Control Systems

Installing controls for illumination systems dramatically reduces utility costs. Our electricians install all types of automatic controls to improve energy efficiency. Power and control systems such as motion sensors, timers and dimmers reduce unnecessary power drains. Installing controls in bathrooms, storage rooms and closets ensures that the lamps do not stay on when the area is unoccupied. This often leads to a significant reduction of utility costs.

Retrofitting Lights

Our technicians can help, whether you need an electrician to install fixtures, retrofit existing equipment, or for complete design projects. Retrofitting involves replacing outdated lamps and ballasts with newer, more efficient products that require less power. We install energy efficient fluorescent, compact fluorescent, and LED bulbs, as well as a variety of other types of lamps. Our electricians also retrofit security and signage lights.

Lighting Design for Unique Atmospheres

Our experts develop functional plans for custom designs that complement your decor. We’re a leading electrician for illumination solutions for retail establishments, shopping centers, restaurants, bars, night clubs and other attractions. We also provide solutions for medical buildings and facilities, offices, warehouses and more. Our contractors install power supply equipment and illumination for exterior environments, including parking lots and parking garages, walkways, landscaping, pools, parks, sporting fields and more. In addition to security lights and nighttime illumination, we offer temporary power and lights for events, holidays and special occasions.

Types of Lights

Our licensed electricians are experienced with a full range of lighting types. We design and install recessed, flood, task, accent, and ceiling lights. We also install special fixtures, showroom, gallery and custom rail lights. Our electricians install fiber optics, specialty voltages, low voltages, new technology fluorescent lamps and more.

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