Privacy Policy
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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to Southern Electrical Services Inc., “Southern”. As electronic media grows and the collection of private information increases we’re informing you, the consumer, our privacy policy and how we protect your personal information.

Southern Electrical Services Inc. does collect your private information.

What does Southern Electrical Services “Southern” do with my information?

We use the information you provide us in order to:

  • Contact you for services you have requested
  • Inform you of coupons or savings
  • Inform you of any product or manufacturers recalls

Does Southern collect any financial information about me?

No, we do not collect, acquire or retain any personal financial information about you. We do not ask for that information except in the normal course of business for the purposes of you making a payment for products and services rendered. Credit card information is not collected, it’s submitted securely by electronic encryption to our bank for processing, and we do not retain this information.

How does Southern collect my personal information?

Your personal information in collected in two ways. First, through the email form you filled out in order to contact us, or request services from us. The second way we collect information is via internet cookies. Cookies are a small bit of computer language or code that attaches itself to your browser. This may enable the cookie to tell us limited information about you, the user of our site.

What does Southern do with my emailed information?

We retain the contact information you submitted to us for purposes of contacting you back, to schedule services you requested, set appointments and to schedule follow up calls. We retain this information for an indefinite period of time.

Why would Southern use a cookie on my browser?

Southern uses cookies to track information about our users to better assist us in marketing our services to you, the consumer. These cookies will tell us what IP address you are coming from, what web browser you are using, what pages you have visited on our web site, what “search terms” you used to find our website, and which search engine you used to locate us. This information is used to constantly update our site to create a more user friendly and relevant site, based upon user input.

What if I do not want you to have you place a “cookie” on my browser?

You can easily adjust your web browsers security settings to prohibit all cookies. Some web sites require cookies to be activated in order to use their site. However, Southern currently does NOT require cookies to be enabled on your web browser in order for you to use our site. Some Browsers like Mozilla’s Firefox have security filters and add-ons that can restrict or even deny cookies from being set on your computer.

You can find Firefox at

Software also exists to prevent cookies or other forms of tracing you or your computer.

Examples of this software are:

Most internet security applications such as Norton Anti-Virus or Trend Micro offer options within their software to prevent cookies.

Southern does not endorse and/or in any way recommend these products/software. We use them only as examples, as to what is available to you. Power Cookies, Zone Alarm, Norton Anti-Virus and Trend Micro are registered trademarks of their respective products.

Does Southern “sell” my personal information?

No, southern does not sell or transfer your private information to any third parties. Southern does reserve the right to transfer the collected information during the normal course of business, should Southern itself be sold or should Southern acquire or be acquired by another company, that information may be useful to our sister companies, new owners or subsidiaries.

Laws governing your private information

The Federal Trade Commission regulates private information that may be collected by a company. The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, states specific rights and remedies you have under the law. For more information go to

If you have any questions, you may contact us at or by phone at CALL US TODAY: 713-660-7344