Industrial Electrician Houston
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Industrial Electrician Houston

Industrial Electrical Contractors

We are a top industrial electrician in Houston providing expert execution of design build solutions for businesses. Our electrical contractors work on installations, system upgrades, maintenance, troubleshooting and electric repairs. Contact us of you need a professional to help your businesses maximize energy efficiency, minimize down time and improve productivity.

Industrial Electrician Providing:

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Industrial Electric Installations

We are the company businesses rely on for all types of industrial electric installations. Our master electricians design and build plans for power system layouts, wiring and installation of equipment, illumination systems, controllers and more. We provide electrical contractors to install wiring, distribution panels, transformers, circuits, generators, conveyor systems, security systems and other equipment and machinery.

Industrial System Upgrades

Upgrading your power systems and equipment helps to reduce energy consumption and lower your overhead costs. Lighting retrofit services improve the energy efficiency of businesses, providing a substantial reduction of utility costs. We are available if you need a professional to upgrade your power and lighting systems to increase productivity and efficiency. We provide licensed contractors to deliver solutions for all types of facilities with outdated power and lighting systems. We are also a top electrician for industrial equipment upgrades, including conveyor and carousel systems and other material handling equipment.

Industrial Electrical Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your equipment and power systems is essential for productivity, efficiency, and keeping energy costs low. Reducing the likelihood of outages and downtime, maintaining your equipment helps to prevent energy drains and unexpected fines. If you need an industrial electrician for preventative and routine maintenance, we provide transformer oil sample testing, power distribution and switchgear cleaning and testing, thermal imaging and more.

Troubleshooting and Electrical Repairs

houston industrial electricianAdept at troubleshooting systems and equipment, our technicians implement solutions to correct problems with the power usage of your equipment. We are available if you need an industrial electrician to isolate and examine system components and measure all of the parameters for effective operation. Our professionals are experienced in following voltage, current and resistance paths, and tracing signals through processing and amplification stages. Contact us if you need an electrician for repairs, troubleshooting or adjustments.

Top Electricians For:

  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Fabrication Facilities
  • Food Manufacturing and Packaging Facilities
  • Processing and Storage Facilities
  • Warehouses

If you are looking for a reliable industrial electrician in Houston, call us at 713-660-7344 to discuss your project.