Lighting Retrofit Solutions
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Lighting Retrofit Solutions

Houston Lighting Retrofit Services

Our professional electricians provide energy efficient lighting retrofit solutions for all types of businesses. A retrofit involves modifications to your existing fixtures, lamps and systems. With new technologies that require less power than older lamps, retrofitting lights helps conserve energy. A lighting retrofit can produce significant savings on electricity costs.

Lighting Audits

Our expert electricians in Houston perform comprehensive audits to evaluate the energy efficiency and power usage in your facility. We will send a skilled contractor to inspect your existing equipment, and create a retrofit plan that best suits your needs. Our customized solutions are designed to maximize your gains from retrofitting lights.

Retrofit Lights for Efficiency

retrofit-led-high-bayTo retrofit lights, our electrical contractors replace all outdated lamps and ballasts with newer, more energy efficient products that require less power. Our contractors install fluorescent, compact fluorescent and LED bulbs, as well as a variety of other types.

Lighting Controls

Hiring an electrician to install energy efficient lighting controls such as timers, dimmers and sensors to automate your illumination system prevents unnecessary power drains. Installing controls in industrial facilities dramatically lowers energy costs. Controllers in areas such as storage rooms, bathrooms, parking lots and walkways are practical solutions for any business. Our electrical contractors wire and install motion sensors, daylight controlled systems and more. We also provide complete solutions for warehouses, including auto dimming and auto-off systems, timers and customized controls.

Improved Lighting Quality

In addition to providing an energy and cost savings, a lighting retrofit also improves quality. Lighting quality impacts a variety of factors that lead to greater productivity and safety in industrial facilities and other workplaces. Technological developments have produced equipment with greater output capacity and improved consistency. Newer technologies provide better quality lamps, with improved color and reduced flickering.

Other Benefits of Retrofits

A lighting retrofit provides a number of benefits for businesses. Retrofitting reduces the timeline for maintenance, as updated technologies produce equipment with a longer life. Furthermore, hiring an electrician to retrofit lights helps to reduce harmful emissions and greenhouse gases. Tax incentives from your utility provider may also be available for your energy efficiency project.

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