Standby Generator Installation
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Standby Generator Installation

Installing Standby Generators in Houston

Standby generator installation is a necessity for industrial businesses. Due to the unpredictability of storms and disasters, a back-up power source is important for businesses. Enabling emergency power restoration during outages, overload shutdowns and system failures, standby generators are critical to preventing downtime and safeguarding perishable assets. In the event of any unforeseen circumstances, standby generator installation enables you to restore power to your facility in minutes.

Generator Power Requirements

Selecting the right standby generators for an industrial business involves an understanding of power calculations. Our technicians evaluate your power usage to help you determine the type and number of generators that you need. Before starting your installation project, our electricians will determine your total energy requirements. This involves calculations of the starting and running wattage of your equipment. Our industrial electricians are skilled at determining the precise power needs for equipment.

Standby Generator Installation

Providing generator installation of up to 2 megawatts, we ensure the efficiency and stability that your business requires. Our industrial electric contractors provide timely and cost-effective generator installation services. In addition, our electricians also look for opportunities to reduce your generator power needs, by excluding nonessential items from your generator circuit.

Complete Standby Generator Services

Our experienced electricians understand the critical nature of industrial power reliability. Therefore our electricians help you protect the operation of your business with emergency generator repairs and troubleshooting. Our contractors also perform inspections and maintenance of generators and all types of machinery and equipment.

We are also available if you need an electrician in Houston for other commercial and industrial electric services, including energy efficiency solutions, harmonic mitigation, programmable logic controller work, lighting retrofits, emergency power restoration and more. For standby generator installation or other services, give us a call at 713-660-7433 or contact us online.