Specialty Voltages
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Specialty Voltages

Houston Electricians for Specialty Voltages

Designing efficient power systems involves selecting the optimum system voltages. Our expert Houston industrial electricians have extensive experience with a broad range of specialty voltage systems. Therefore we have a precise process for maximizing your energy efficiency and equipment functioning.

Equipment Inspection and Testing

To assess the voltage requirements of your equipment, our industrial electrical contractors perform all of the necessary inspections. While using a variety of instruments, our skilled electricians run the tests required to troubleshoot problems and isolate inefficiencies. We will ensure the safety of your power system and ensure compliance with the National Electrical Code (NEC).

High Voltage Services

High voltage industrial applications require service from a specialist to ensure safety and proper installation. Our industrial electricians have extensive experience with high voltage distribution systems. In addition, our electrical contractors work with a variety of voltages, including 380 volt and 440y/254 volt and other European and Asian Supply Systems. Our electricians also perform arc flash assessments, and maintenance on transformers, tap chargers and circuit breakers.

Voltage Optimization

Optimization provides energy savings by adjusting your equipment for more efficient power consumption. Consequently, our industrial electrical contractors provide services for correcting over-voltage and under-voltage issues. To reduce your power usage, our electricians can set your equipment to minimum specifications, without compromising productivity.

Our industrial electricians are available for all of your specialty requirements. We are the trusted electrical contractor for all types of repairs and services for power systems, standby generators and more. In addition, our Houston electricians are experienced with energy efficiency, harmonic mitigation, PLC controller work, equipment maintenance and more. To discuss your project, call us at 713-660-7344 or contact us online.