One-line Diagrams & Electric Load Analysis

One-line Diagrams & Electric Load Analysis

Houston Professionals for Single-line Diagrams

One-line Diagram Purpose

An one-line diagram (or single-line diagram) is essential for ensuring the safety and reliability of your power system. The starting point for a critical incident and emergency management response plan, it is also important for protecting equipment. Utilized in troubleshooting and identifying fault locations, a one-line diagram shows the layout of power distribution in your facility. The diagram is a valuable tool for system maintenance, load flow studies, arc flash and grounding assessments, short circuit calculations, engineering and coordination studies.

Aspects of a One-line Diagram

Displaying the equipment in the facility as well as how system components interconnect, a one-line diagram depicts the paths that power flows through the system. The one-line diagram needs to be updated by an electrical professional whenever there are changes made to the systems in your facility. The diagram includes components such as fuses, circuit breakers, switchgear, switchboards, and protective relays and their device number. The diagram also shows details such as the types and sizes of conduits. In addition, cables, transformers and impedances are included in a one-line diagram.

Load Analysis and One-line Diagram Development

Our experts conduct site surveys for the development of and updates to one-line diagrams for a range of customers in Houston. We inventory facility equipment, examine as-built drawings, ensure loads connected to emergency feeders, examine potential single points of failure, and assess the design of critical systems. In addition, we conduct load analyses and determine facility consumption estimates for energy management and designing supply and distribution systems. Useful for protecting your system, a load analysis is also beneficial for lowering energy costs and increasing productivity.

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